A builder's Story

A passion for building homes that people love living in.

In the last three decades, Austin home builder Wes Peoples built more than 5,000 homes in Texas and the Midwest.  A leader in the residential construction industry and recipient of many awards of excellence for his projects, Wes started his career in Houston before settling in Austin 20 years ago. Wes has been named to the Homebuilders Association Hall of Fame and served twice as president of the homebuilders Association of Greater Austin.  Wes is founder and president of Wes Peoples Homes, LLC., and WJP Construction Services, LLC.  

Among his many leadership assignments in the home building industry, Wes was a founding partner in Wilshire Homes, and served as a senior officer for Hammonds Homes and the Meritage Corporation, leading both companies to some of their greatest successes.   

The passion Wes has for community building and his genuine respect for others translates into a practical ability to connect with and bring people together.  His ability to generate trust and build consensus between  individuals, governmental, business and community groups with divergent interests has earned Wes a bookcase full of honors.  Most recently he was awarded the distinguished Ethics in Business Award given by the Samaritan Center and Concordia University Texas and was appointed to the Board of Regents for Texas Lutheran University, his alma mater.

Along the way, Wes developed a rock solid belief that a home is important to the fabric of daily life and that home ownership contributes to a sense of self worth and dignity. He came to understand deeply what it takes to design and build homes and communities in a way that strengthens families and positively shapes neighborhoods which enrich a city's growth in a meaningful way.  He is dedicated to building homes and communities that make positive contributions to homeowners and to the communities where those homes are built.

Wes Peoples builds with a commitment to the people and the cities in which he builds.  From the bricks and boards of essential construction to managing the financial and operational decisions of an increasingly challenging industry, Wes champions the value of building more sustainable, intelligent, livable communities.  His communities and homes incorporate--on a practical, cost effective level that solidly meets the market--many of the best advances in modern home building technology, sustainability, energy efficiency and enlightened community development.  

Today, Wes is recognized as one of Austin’s visionary homebuilders and innovative residential developers--and one who is squarely committed to the kind of enlightened homebuilding which adds to the authentic vitality, economy and quality of life of homeowners and the city we share.   

The high value Wes places on community involvement is reflected in the work he and his wife Karen do in behalf of many of Austin’s hard-working non-profits.  Wes' commitment to the Dell Children's Hospital Circle of Friends, the Austin Children’s Shelter, the Samaritan Center, Mobile Loaves & Fishes and other hard-working non-profits has helped build greater support for each of these organizations within the city of Austin and its business community.  Wes is also an advocate for affordable housing in Austin and serves on the board of directors for HousingWorks.

He plans to amplify his commitment to the greater Austin community with We Give Back--a program Wes founded which supports the work of selected non-profits and service organizations through a contribution of a percentage of the sale of every new Wes Peoples Home.