Wes Peoples Homes, LLC.

Community design. Architectural vitality. Intelligent sustainability.
Wes Peoples Homes has a core commitment to quality and to the people who live in our homes.

Wes Peoples Homes develops and builds new design residential communities in thoughtfully selected sites in the city's central core and in unique and well-located neighborhoods and communities surrounding the city.  In each location--whether urban, lakeside, or suburban--these will be homes and communities where community design, architectural originality, quality of life, connection to nature and access to work, lifestyle amenities and community resources have a high priority. 

Through Wes Peoples Homes over the next decade, Wes will guide the development, design and build of a number of exemplary communities--building each with respect for practical sustainability and intelligent innovation, accessible pricing, high-function design, accessibility and neighborhood design that establishes both a sense of place and the foundation for real community.  Each Wes Peoples home and community will incorporate a high standard of inbuilt energy efficiency and sustainability in both construction and site development and be built to environmentally considerate standards that can enhance value and economy for homeowners over time.

As part of his commitment to the communities where Wes Peoples Homes builds, Wes has established a unique and personal brand of corporate giving.  Through the Wes Peoples Homes We Give Back program, a percentage of the sale of each new Wes Peoples Home sold is contributed to an Austin charity or non-profit. The builder estimates this program will contribute thousands of dollars annually to area organizations, which aid people, pets and good causes.  Aiming for a multiplier effect within the Austin business community as well, Wes believes the success of We Give Back can inspire other construction industry and business leaders to set up similar programs.